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Here at Golden MEDSPA you can find a wide quantity of IV Therapies that suits all your health necessities. Our interest is you to live your life to the fullest and feeling your best. Here you will find 10 different kind of IV Drips that for sure will be perfect to anyone. Check them out and book your choice, or feel free to contact us for advise on the future step to your shiny and healthy you.

It’s a promise… you will Shine!

Our Mega customized IV bag is full of vitamins. Ideal for your everything! Whether it’s to help regain after a few sleepless nights, fight jetlag, cold & flu symptoms, dehydration, or cure a hangover, this All-in-one Body Boost IV drip will supercharge your immune system, enhance your body’s natural defenses and establish equilibrium.

Felling sick and weak? Try this great immune booster to combat your sickness in no time. Infused with plenty of Vit C and other essential vitamins. You will be up and going in no time.

Uh – oh! You partied last night, and your head is spinning again isn’t it? Enjoy this delicious cocktail to take away all those nasty  sickness feelings. Pump up before you hit the party scene and help build up your reserves so you can handle whatever the Miami Night life throws at you with ease.

Indulge in your feelings. Experience better mood and relieve yourself of all the stress you have. You will not regret it. We specialized in the making of this IV because you deserve the best relaxation after that long week of work, or sleepless nights.

Want a better work out? Want that muscle growth you have being desiring? We have all the cookies in the jar with this IV. Rehydrate, Rebuild, and Replenish energy! Operate at your full potential. Rev up muscle growth, enhance recovery, eliminate soreness, and re-build stronger, new muscle cells.

Feeling like your skin or muscles are not recovering the same? Hydrate to the maximum potential. Whether to feel the sensation of supple skin or after gym dehydration, this IV is the one for you. Simple yet so effective!

Allergy is an annoying symptom that can be caused by many things and places. Why not enjoy the pleasures of the world without having these stressful allergens. Our drip is so effective at reducing these symptoms because they similarly systemically flush out the allergens and inflammatory mediators from the inside.

Postoperative intravenous IV therapy ensures adequate organ perfusion, prevents catabolism, ensures electrolyte- and pH-balance. Infused with high dose Vit B12 to help you regain the energy to keep going and high dose Vit C you will recover in no time.

The Ultimate Cleanse. Detoxify your liver, strengthen your heart & protect your body from free radicals. Boost your body to help in the fight against these constant exposures and give your organs the nutrients needed to win with our Royal Detox IV.

Enhance your youthful appearance with our Beauty & Anti-Aging IV Treatment. A specially curated combination of age-defying antioxidants, Glutathione, Vitamin C, B-vitamins, Biotin, essential nutrients, and rehydrating fluids that give your skin that youthful glow.


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